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The TARA BASE  is a unique space concept in which everything revolves around empowerment and community work. One of the pillars of the TARA BASE is based on the offer of various workshops on topics such as meditation, yoga, spirituality, and meaningfulness.

The second pillar of the TARA BASE is the TARA SHOP, in which various entrepreneurs from the fields of fashion, interior design, and social entrepreneurship sell their products. These are exclusive products from fair, sustainable, and environmentally friendly production. The brands operate worldwide and support local artisans, craft businesses, families, and women with their projects.


Tina K 

Hi, my name is Tina K., and I'm the founder of the TARA BASE  and CEO of the non-profit organization  @iamjonnyev . I founded the TARA BASE to create a safe community space for empowerment, diversity, solidarity, inspiration, and personal development. In alignment with our values and mantra "Take Action Rebuild All", it felt natural for me to create the TARA Shop based on the concept of social entrepreneurship. I connected and gathered amazing female entrepreneurs and designers whose brands stand for fair and sustainable products. As an international group of women, we strongly believe in supporting each other to grow together. "A sister can a change a community, sisterhood will change the world." (Tina K.) The TARA Shop is your destination if you're looking for unique fashion, accessories, or interior design that set a bold statement and represent the idea of eco-friendly consumption. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the TARA




Wir bieten Ihnen einen Raum für Ihre nächste Veranstaltung. Workshops, Podiumsgespräche, Konferenzen, Foto-, Video- und Podcast-Sitzungen usw. Die Kapazität unserer Räumlichkeiten beträgt ca. 20 bis 30 Personen.



Wir bieten Praktiken und moderne Rituale in der TARA Base an, wie Meditationen, Bewegung und bedeutungsvolle Gespräche.


TARA store

POP Up Shop @ TARA Base for female entrepreneurs with a vision to change the status quo

Pastel Pink Objects
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