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Do you have a sustainable & fair FASHION, INTERIOR, ACCESSORIES, or BEAUTY brand and want to join our empowering community at Tara Base?

Apply now for 1 month or 3 months visibility at Tara Base in Bikini Berlin.

The TARA SHOP is part of our TARA concept. Various entrepreneurs from the fields of fashion, interior design, and social entrepreneurship sell their products. All our brands are led by female social entrepreneurs who support small-scale artisans, family businesses, and female collectives around the globe. Through cooperation, we create economic independence for everyone involved in the projects by making the world a bit more sustainable at the same time.
The TARA BASE - "Take Action Rebuild All", is a unique space concept in which everything revolves around empowerment and community work. One of the pillars of the TARA BASE is based on the offer of various workshops on topics such as meditation, yoga, spirituality, and meaningfulness.

Your products will be displayed and promoted via our channels, as well as via workshops and events happening at our workshop space.

We ask you to have your brand and products properly imported to the E.U. and have your own payment account like iZettle or SumUp. We do not take any commissions.


1.- One-month contract.
Without shifts and no commissions: 650€ + VAT (between 20-25 items in store + stock)
With 1 work shift a week 11-19 hrs: 475€ +VAT (between 20-25 items in store + stock)

2.- A 3 Months Contract.
Without Shifts 520€ + VAT monthly (between 20-25 items in store + stock)
With 1 shift a week 11-19 hrs: 345€ + VAT (between 20-25 items in store + stock)

Please fill in the form to get in contact with you.

*Filling out this form does not commit you to carry out any transaction. We will evaluate your doubts, and your concept and we will contact you. If you have questions, fill out the form and write in the question field or send us an email to:


Brand Application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


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